NWTC starts on next production

March 9, 2014

The North West Theatre Company will hold auditions at the Roxy Conference Room on Saturday March 15. There will be two sessions, between 10 and 11 am and between 3 and 4pm. The production will be staged at The Roxy Theatre, Bingara in July.

The Director, Rick Hutton said, “The Curious Savage is a witty comedy by American Playwright John Patrick.

“Written in 1950 and originally set near Boston in the US, our NWTC production will be set in Canberra, Australia during the 1980’s. We will require eleven players, males and females of all ages from late teens to seniors.”

The Curious Savage is set in a private sanitorium ‘The Cloisters’. The ‘guests’ are a mixture of gentle souls who have bonded into a family unit supportive of each other and fearful of the outside world.

Into their world comes Mrs Ethel Savage, a wealthy widow, sent there by her three step-children.

The story-line revolves around ten million dollars worth of negotiable bonds which Mrs Savage has inherited from her late husband and ‘hidden’.

The step children, a Senator, a Judge and a Socialite, want what they see as ‘their share’, and will go to any length to get them.

The play invites the audience to contemplate who is sane, who is right and who lives in the real world.

“Anyone may audition”, said Rick, “and experience is not required. Why not come along and have a read”.