THE SHOW MUST GO ON: OLIVER TWIST set to bring a smile to your face and some joy to your heart

March 10, 2022

After a disappointing postponement in August 2021 due to COVID lockdown, the North West Theatre Company is bringing back the production of Oliver Twist in March 2022.

March 19, 20, 26 and 27 provide four shows for you to choose from at the Roxy in Bingara for the play ‘Oliver Twist’, the latest production from the North West Theatre Company.

Charles’ Dickens classic tale about the misery and awakening of the orphan boy Oliver Twist, reveals early 19th Century London at its grubbiest. Life is cheap, and orphan boys and girls are cruelly kept at Workhouses where they are expected to work hard for nothing more than crude lodgings and horrible food.

The cast of Oliver are preparing to entertain with their performances.

Oliver Twist (Ruby Miller), having swallowed the last of his meagre bowl of gruel is egged on by his fellow workhouse paupers. He summons the courage to shirtfront Mr. Bumble (Amber Hall), the Beadle of the Workhouse, and ask for ‘more’.

“MORE???” cries Bumble, as he and the equally ominous matron Widow Corney (Linda McDouall), loom threateningly over Oliver. What happens next to Oliver is an amazing romp through London. Will the Undertakers, Mr Sourbury (Lee Loudon) and Mrs Sourbury (Tanya Heaton) give him love and affection?

Alone and hungry on the cold hard streets, Oliver comes across a peculiar young man, Jack Dawkins (Lachie McIntosh) who takes him through the back passages and laneways of London to meet the remarkable Fagin (Bill McIntosh).

Oliver becomes part of Fagin’s Gang, and he also meets the lovely Nancy (Bella McIntosh) and soon after that, the notorious thug Bill Sykes (Kai Stamer).

The play’s Director, Rick Hutton wrote this adaptation of ‘Oliver Twist’. “I wanted to make this play fast paced and funny,” said Rick. “It is usual to portray Oliver as a poor suffering child, but in our show, Oliver is feisty, brave and loyal,” Rick explained.

“You can see the quality of our players and our crew by comparing the lovely face of Ruby Miller transformed into the character Oliver Twist by our make-up artist Emma Jewell, costumer Susan Hutton and photographer Amber Hall in these two photographs.”

Rick Hutton added. The cast of twenty players represent all age groups, and many are enjoying their first experience on the stage. Expect to see the usual quality production from the NWTC at the Roxy and please use your NSW Government ‘Discovery Vouchers’ to purchase your tickets.

For this and more information about ‘Oliver Twist’, contact Jen at the Bingara Visitor Information Centre on 6724 0066 to purchase or for those who have rolled over previously purchased tickets from the COVID-19 affected 2021 dates, contact Jen to have your new tickets emailed to you or printed to collect from the Visitor Information – temporarily located in The Old Courthouse Art Gallery at the corner of Maitland Street and Finch Street, Bingara.