On Course with Bingara Community College

April 12, 2010

On Course with Bingara Community College
I hope you are all up for a challenge.  The challenge is aiming to learn at least one new thing this year!

You may prefer to learn a new thing every day, every week or every month!  I am up for the challenge to help you learn.

Last weekend, April 10, 16 people took up the challenge to learn something about Moroccan Cooking with guest teacher – Jo-Anne Benson. More in the next “On Course”.

In Term II we are offering Certificates I in IT and II in Business.  This is an opportunity for those of you who wish to be a bit more proficient in handling mail, using the internet, writing a business letter, basic bookkeeping or simply how to use word or excel better.  The BCC welcomes those who wish to only do part of the course, even just one unit.

Our regular courses of Senior First Aid, Responsible Conduct of Gambling, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Safe Food Handling, How to make Espresso are also planned to run during Term II. 

I have had enquiries for Welding, Writing, Digital Photography and more cooking classes.  Further suggestions are welcome.

The BCC is keen to implement a mentoring program possibly with the Anglers Club help for those that would like to learn to fish and maybe some of the sewing ladies will mentor anyone who would like to learn to sew.  Any suggestions for what you would like to learn more about are very welcome.

Our monthly timetable is available by Cicking Here or by collection at the Library, the Post Office, the Newagency and at pajIT.

We would love to see you for a cuppa any morning between 10am to 12.30pm or for the Computer Club on Wednesdays.