On Course with Bingara Community College

July 13, 2010

It is cold, isn’t it!  So during the winter months, the Community College tries to limit the course times after dark. If you want to do a course we are offering and the day or times don’t suit, please ask about a time or day that would suit you.

We are the Bingara COMMUNITY College. We would like to serve the community, so we have a vast and varied range of courses on offer.

Don’t forget that computer club is on Wednesday mornings, sewing and needlecraft is on Mondays and Wednesdays and aerobics and pilates are also ongoing.

Please enquire now if you are interested in participating in the Greek Cooking Day with Peter and Deanna McCarthy (Oslos on Otho).  It is planned for Saturday, July 24 but the McCarthys have not yet confirmed.

The Certificate 1 in IT and Certificate II in Business have still some units available and I would be very keen to see some participants.

In July, Communicate in the workplace and Work effectively with others as well as Organise your daily work activities are the three units being offered.
In August, Peter Jones will be conducting Use Business Technology and Ellie Skinner will be teaching Maintain Daily Financial/Business records.  Each of these units are useful by themselves as well as part of a complete Certificate.

Saturday, July 17, will see another Senior First Aid take place.  It is important to note that your First Aid needs to be renewed every three (3) years and that many jobs eg. Butcher, require your first aid to be current.

In August, RSA and RCG are offered again and are a pre-requisite for the Bar Skills in September and the Prepare and Serve Cocktails in November.

For our fire wood collectors, Operate Chainsaws is offered at the end of August and also Farm Safety at the beginning of September.

The BCC is responsive to our community requests.  We are offering the level 3 in Food Handling in direct response to a request.

We are offering Customer Service courses in response to a need in the business sector of our community.

If you require a certain certificate to gain employment or your business would like to improve certain aspects, please contact Ellie Skinner, BCC Coordinator on Tuesdays and Fridays, 67241965.