On Course with Bingara Community College

December 5, 2010

Congratulations to those Year 10 and 12 who have completed their Exams.  Celebrate!  Live your life to the best of your ability and enjoy!

School leavers, the Community College is offering the Responsible Service of Alcohol and the Responsible Conduct of Gambling courses for $85 each or $150 if you undertake both.  ATAC conducts these courses for us and they only have week day tutors available before Christmas. 

If you are not 18 years old yet you can complete the course but you won’t be able to use your certificate until you are 18.  These courses will enable you to work in both pubs and clubs. 

RSA is scheduled for  December 17. So enrol now and take advantage of this great offer.

Bar Skills, to be offered at the end of March 2011, will teach you the actual skills required to operate a bar.  These skills are employability skills and would give you the advantage over someone who only has their RSA.  You are required to have completed your RSA to undertake this course.  Enrol now!

Complimentary to bar skills is the Waiting Skills, one day course.  This course teaches you how to set up a dining room and what is expected for service in a café through to a a-la-carte restaurant (silver service).  To be waited upon properly is a treat and can bring in customers who may otherwise have gone out of town. Waiting Skills will be offered in early February.

Coffee lovers, Learn how to make an espresso properly in February.  This is not a barrista course but will teach you how to make the coffees you love or that your customers request.

These are a sample of what Bingara Community College can and do offer. Please don’t hesitate to enquire with Ellie, Toni Moodie or Marlene Brown regarding courses or workshops you would like to do.  Businesses please ask regarding training for your employees – we can help you organise and plan suitable workshops.

Importantly, BCC and CC-NI offer units of competency in Certificates I, II, III & IV which can lead on to further training at University or better employment opportunities.  An example of this is the Certificate III & IV in Aged Care being offered in conjunction with the local schools in 2011.

Aged Care can be used towards entry into nursing. The University of Newcastle is offering pathways to students who have not qualified for entry. The students can complete selected courses through various programs which can then lead into the completion of a degree.  UNE and Charles Sturt also offer similar programs. 

BCC and CC-NI are very happy to work with students to help them to undertake these programs.  We can offer access to distance learning through the internet with the support of tutors.

Co-ordinator, Ellie Skinner, is at the BCC office at 6 Riddell St on Tuesdays and Fridays.  A committee member is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to assist with enquiries.  Don’t hesitate to contact us in person or via phone or email and we will do our best to assist.  Contact details: phone 67241965 and email admin@bingaracommunitycollege.org.au