On Course with the Bingara Community College

September 12, 2010

Now is the time to be planning what you want to be doing in 2011.  The Year 10 students have had their Year 10 course planning night, Year 11 has reviewed their courses of study.  The principal and teachers are having planning meetings for 2011.  The Community College is planning 2011.

Don’t miss out on learning what you want or need in 2011 because you haven’t discussed it with someone.  All those of you who are receiving government assistance, can ask for assistance to study.  So anyone who is unemployed or wants to change direction please ask for help to study.

If there are mothers or carers in the community who want an outside interest, have a look at the courses on offer or think about what you would like to know more about:

  • Food Hygiene – for those who help on barbecues, food stalls, canteens;
  • Customer Service – for those who do or would like to work in a shop or bar;
  • Bar Skills, RSA & RCG – for those who want to work at a pub or club;
  • Waiting Skills – for anyone who wants to work at the pub, club, café;
  • Business/Marketing – for those who would like to promote their business further;
  • IT – for those who want to use their computer and technology better;
  • Aged Care – to work at Touriandi or Naroo. 

Many of these “VET” courses can also be used to apply for further study at TAFE or University.

The opening of the Bingara Community College Upgrade and the annual presentation of awards during Adult Learner’s Week was held at the college on Tuesday, September 7.

Mr. Mark Coulton MP, officially opened the upgraded facility.

Contact Ellie Skinner, Bingara Community College:
Tel: (02) 6724 1965
email: admin@bingaracommunitycollege.org.au