Once in a lifetime ‘Transit of Venus’

June 4, 2012

Regional NSW will be one of the best spots in the world to catch the once in a lifetime Transit of Venus phenomenon on June 6.

The planet of Venus rarely crosses between the sun and the earth and the next transit will not occur for another 106 years. Eastern Australia will be one of the few places in the world to see the whole six-hour journey across the sun between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

The Transit of Venus was first recorded in 1639, but it was the chance to witness it again in 1776 that led Captain Cook on his southern journey to Tahiti and ultimately to discover Australia.

“Venus will look like a black dot as it moves across the lower half of the sun, but no one should look directly at it,” Craig Roberts from the UNSW School of Surveying & Spatial Information Systems said.