Opportunity for local growers

August 28, 2014

Bingara IGA is looking for local growers of fruit and vegetables that would be willing to supply the store over the spring and summer months.

“Over the last couple of years several growers have been supplying small amounts of product to our Fruit and Veg Department,” John Bishton, of Bingara IGA said, “We are currently in the process of upgrading our Delicatessen and Fruit and vegetable area with a big focus on FRESH this spring, and of course the freshest of produce is always locally grown.

“With many products now made overseas and interstate by the time they get to the supermarket shelf the food miles on these products is staggering.

“This trend has been driven principally by the concentration in the grocery and transport markets pursuing bigger economies of scale.

“So we here at Bingara IGA would like to take a different approach in partnership with our local growers and reduce food miles, increase the freshness of our products and benefit local growers at the same time.

“If we can get this right it’s a winwin for everyone in the Bingara Community, Mr. Bishton said. The success of this project could also lead to Bingara growers supplying retailers in other towns. For more info please contact Lisa McLachlan or John Bishton on 67241303