Opportunity for residents to become involved in Motorhome Rally

July 22, 2008

We are planning a unique program that will have motorhomes staying on blocks of land in and around Bingara prior to the 2008 rally.

Any resident that has an area where a motorhome could park for a few days in early October 2008 is invited to be part of the program.

What we need: As motorhomes are a variety of sizes from small delivery van size up to some the length of a semi-trailer we need areas ranging from 6 mts to 19mts. The host nominates the size they could accommodate.

All motorhomes that take part in the program will be totally self contained and will not require anything other than the area on which to park. No power. No water. Just a friendly host.

By being a host you will get to spend a few days with a motorhomer and be able to get an insight into their style of life.

Should you be interested in becoming a host we ask you to complete the application form below and return it to Rebecca Mack at the Bingara Council Office, or Jenny Mead at the Bingara Tourist Office, or mail to John Chaffey, P.O. Box 203, Bingara 2404, or call Lyn or David Fricke on 0408 554 580.

We believe this to be a great opportunity for the Bingara locals to get involved with our rally.

If you require further information contact Lyn or David Fricke.




Phone Number:

Area Available: Vacant Block, Resident’s Driveway, Resident’s Yard
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I can accommodate a: 6mts    9mts    12mts    19mts motorhome
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Dates available:         October    6   7   8   9   10   11   12
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