‘Orange Police’ out in force to defend Bingara’s trees

July 11, 2013

Bingara Central school students have, for many years, taken responsibility of guarding the orange trees in Finch Street from would-be orange thieves.

Orange Picking 2013
A group of enthusiastic students and parents harvest the orange trees in Finch Street. The trees have been ‘protected’ by special Bingara Orange Police tape warning people not to pick the fruit which belongs to the people, especially the children, of Bingara.

This year, the middle school program Civics and Citizenship class taken the defence of the trees to another level.

Speaking at the 53rd annual Orange Picking ceremony last Friday, Senior Detective Lachlan Starr of the Bingara Central Orange Police Media Unit, explained that from Term One, the Orange Police, or B Cop program has seen the creation of the orange picking sign for Finch Street almost completed.

“Students from Years 5 and 6 to Year 7 and 8 had the job of protecting the oranges until picking day, with trips to the Council trying to achieve more,” Det. Starr said.

“This term the students have created wonderful badges, and have designed this years float (for the Orange Festival), and Crikey, you are in for a treat this year.”

Lachlan publicly thanked the students, Carmen Southwell and most of all, teacher, Miss Galvin for making the program a success.

Bingara Central School Captain, Ally Dixon, also shared her memories of earlier orange pickings.

“Thirteen years have passed and yet it only feels like yesterday that I was one of the infants sitting in the front row,” she said.

“Orange picking has always and will always be a memorable part of my school years as a proud Bingara girl.

“The orange trees that line our streets are here with great significance, to remember the soldiers that not only fought for our country but fought it with a great deal of pride. It is most humbling to be able to look up and down the street at the trees and know that we are the only place in the world to salute the lives of our Diggers in such a unique way, with groves of orange trees.

“I now pass on the responsibility to the next generation to carry on this uniquely Bingara tradition,” Ally concluded.

Also speaking at the Orange Picking ceremony was Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall.