Oranges to spare and share

July 15, 2011

The official Orange Picking Ceremony took place on Friday June 24. This year was a massive bumper crop. It is estimated that the trees produced in excess of two tonne of beautiful, sweet fruit.  This is the first time, in a very long time that there has been more fruit than hands to pick.

Jaydon Burg

As a result,an extra effort has been made to distribute the oranges so that many more can enjoy the harvest and understand the importance of Bingara’s living memorial.

Staff at the Bingara Central School delivered bags of oranges to Touriandi Lodge for the residents to enjoy. A number of residents also hand delivered bags to older residents throughout the town, in particular war widows. These were gratefully received.

Opposite:  Jaydon Burg was overloaded with oranges to take home to his family, almost too heavy to carry. 


Students at Warialda Public School and Gravesend Public School too received bags of oranges. These students were intrigued with the story of the Orange Tree Avenue when it was explained that the Bingara children do not touch the oranges until the official ceremony.

Photos of Orange Picking 2011
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Orange Picking 2011


With many, many more oranges remaining on the trees the public is now invited to pick oranges from those growing in Gwydir Oval. Though this fruit is smaller it is still sweet and tangy. With a few more frosts over the coming weeks the fruit will become better and better.

The oranges that remain growing on the Finch Street trees will be stripped by Council staff this week. These oranges will be stored and made available at the Orange Festival, or upon request. If you have a special community event and wish to provide oranges as gifts please contact Carmen Southwell at Council on 0267 242 000.