Outstanding Sports Awards Nominations

December 7, 2016

The rejuvenated Bingara Sports Awards have received outstanding support from across the whole Bingara Sporting Community. All sections of the awards have received good nomination numbers and event organisers, the Bingara Sporting Club, are very pleased with the response from the across a broad variety of sporting organisations and associations.

Sporting Club President, Tim Cox, said “We were overwhelmed with the response. It is fantastic that so many groups and individuals have taken the time to put forward nominations. It is testament to the strong sporting tradition and community spirit that’s exists in Bingara. It really highlights how proud and appreciative this community is of the outstanding achievements and hard work of our sports men and women and our amazing volunteer army”.

The Sporting Awards have been reformed following a break of 19 years having last been hosted in 1997. The event was previously run by a community committee of the former Bingara Shire Council. A number of those supporters from the old sports council have been invited to attend this year’s award ceremony along with representatives of the original trophy donors for each section.

The original trophies have been kept on display by Gwydir Shire and will continue as perpetual trophies for the category winners. Gwydir Shire has generously entrusted these to the Sporting Club along with the display case in which they have been kept. Additionally, Gwydir Shire has very generously come on board as major sponsors for the event.

Nominations have closed and will be sent out of town to be judged by an independent panel. The winners will be honoured at the Awards Presentation evening to be held at the Sporting Club on Saturday 10th December from 6.00pm. The evening with culminate with the announcement of the 2016 Sportsperson of the Year. The winner of the 2016 Sportsperson of the Year will be chosen from any of the individual sections winners; Sub-Junior, Junior or Senior Sportsperson.

“The Sporting Club is very excited to bring this event back to life and look forward to a successful presentation night. All the nominees have been notified and everyone is looking forward to recognising these wonderful athletes and volunteers. It is hoped as many as possible can come along and enjoy a great night out with their family and friends”.

Another very well supported and strongly contested section is the Services to Sport Award. The solid nominations in this category are a testament to the respect and gratitude many of the sporting organisations have for the volunteers who keep their sports alive and well. The hundreds of hours of voluntary work, fundraising, refereeing, coaching, first aiding, facility and field maintenance, catering and administrating are not going unnoticed it would appear.


Sub-Junior Boy

  • Harry Newnham (Rugby League)
  • Thomas Young (Rugby League)
  • Brock Galvin (Rugby League, Swimming)
  • Stephen Todd (Rugby League, Athletics)
  • Luka McLachlan (Equestrian, Athletics)

Sub-Junior Girl

  • Brooke McKinnon (Soccer, League Tag, Athletics, Swimming)

Junior Girl

  • Erica Dixon (Swimming, Athletics)
  • Jacqueline Coombes (Equestrian)

Junior Boy

  • Dylan Butler (Oztag, Athletics, Cricket, Rugby League)
  • Lachlan Bulter (Cricket, Rugby League, Swimming)
  • Sam Perrin (Swimming)
  • Ethan Sargeant (Equestrian)

Senior Sportsperson

  • Joey Latham (Rugby League)
  • Alex Abra (Rugby Union)
  • Rosemary Rampling (Golf)

Sporting Team

  • Bingara Bullets (Rugby League)
  • Gwydir River Rats (Rugby Union)
  • Junior Girls League Tag (League Tag)
  • Gwydir First Eleven (Cricket)
  • Bingara Pony Club (Junior Zone Team)
  • Bingara Central Senior Girls Primary (Soccer)
  • Bingara OzTag (State Cup Team)

Services to Sport

  • Damien and Nedine Young (Minor League)
  • Marilyn Dixon (Rugby League)
  • John Sullivan (Cricket)
  • Robbie Kilmore (Oztag)
  • Wendy Reading (Bowls)
  • Robert Coombes (Pony Club)
  • David Nicolle (Pony Club)
  • Col Moore (Bowls)
  • Trevor Galvin (Bowls)