Oztag Nominations Underway

September 18, 2013

Robert Kilmore was elected President of Bingara Oztag at the Annual General Meeting last Thursday. Other office bearers elected were Vice President Jason Mack, Secretary Sharon Price, Treasurer Joanna Fletcher and Publicity Officer Megan Latham.

The Oztag competition will commence on Wednesday, October 9. Team nomination forms can be found at Fletchers Little Store in Keera Street. Forms are to be fully completed and all team money to be returned to the Little Shore by September 25.

A meeting will be held at the Imperial Hotel that night, where the draw will be finalised.

To be included in the competition players must pay $50 per person, with a maximum of 16 players per team. Players must be at least 15 years of age to take the field.

If shorts or tights are needed, the committee asks players to please put name and size required on the back of the nomination form.