OzTag off to great start for the season

November 10, 2009

Wow! What a great start to another season of Bingara Mixed Oztag last Wednesday night. With over 90 players in the comp some new and a great young team from Warialda, the first night was with out a doubt a huge success.

Thanks to all players who have finalised their fees and to the committee members for organising the competition. Just in case you are not aware the following committee was decided:

President:  Alex Stones
Vice President: Kyra Beesley
Secretary: Fiona Craddock
Treasurer: Brooke Marshall

General Committee Members:
Jason Lewis
Travis Allen
Jayne and Ben Roberts
Kimberly Rampling
Lisa McLachlan

Please feel free to approach any committee member for any information or issues you may have.

The first game saw La Vogue Works fight it out with Sporto’s on field one with La Vogue  Works finalising the score at 11 to 6. Best and Fairest Points went to Jo Coss.

The second 6:30pm game saw Wotamob vs Coote Fabrication (Warialda Team), the eagerness and fresh young players on Coote Fabrication team saw them take out the game 16 to 8. Points for Best and Fairest went to Kimberly Rampling.

Thanks to Warialda for being involved with the Bingara Competition.

Another successful night for the Mixed Oztag Competition seeing Wotamob vs The Incredibles with the final score being 13 – 6 to The Incredibles.

Players points for this game were awarded to Peter Anderson (3), Bree Craddock (2) and Dylan Rampling (1). A big thank you to Peter O’Brien for refereeing in such short notice and Leanne Riley for scoring.

The second 6pm game was a close game between the G.S.C (Gwydir Shire Council) and The Sporting club this ended in a 11 – 8 win to the Gwydir shire council. The players points were not awarded due to “too many chiefs and not enough Indians in the game”. Thank you to Tammie Brenenger for refereeing and Brooke Marshall for duties.

The 7pm game took off with a close match between Imperial Tradies and Rusty nails (RSL) finally ending in a 15 – 12 result to the Imperial Tradies. Players points went to Robbie Kilmore (3) scoring a tremendous 6 tries, Ally Holland-Wright (2) and Megan Simpson (1). Thanks again to Tammie and Henry Young for Duties.
Welcome to all new players however this week will cease any new enrolments as we must finalise numbers.

We will be calling a meeting shortly to discuss the possibility of having later games beginning at 6:30pm. This has been brought to our attention and would like further feedback from other players.

Please note rubbish and personal items must leave with you at the end of your night.  Thank you to our spectators on the nights for supporting the compeitition.

This week’s rules to remember:

1. A player is guilty of misconduct and will be penalised if he/she:

a) Trips, kicks or strikes another player.
b) When affecting or attempting to effect a tag makes contact with any part of an opponent’s body intentionally, recklessly or carelessly.
c) Deliberately breaks the rules of the game.
d) Uses offensive or obscene language
e) Re-enters the field of-play without permission of the referee
f) Disputes the decision of the referee
g) Behaves in any way contrary to the true spirit of the game
h) Deliberately obstructs/impedes an opponent who is not in possession of the ball

2. All players are under the control of the referee from the time they enter the playing area to the time they leave. In the event of misconduct by a player the referee shall, at his/her discretion caution, sin-bin or dismiss the player.