Parkinson’s support group to be formed in Bingara

March 17, 2008

When local woman, Joan Bush was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year, she had not much idea of what it was. So she joined Parkinson’s NSW straight away to help gain some knowledge.

Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive illness that predominately affects normal movement.  With the right treatment and attitude, people can maintain an active and rewarding lifestyle for many years.

Parkinson’s NSW is a non-profit community organisation established in 1979. They provide information, education, encouragement and support to people living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers. The organisation works to create better awareness about the disease among health professionals, as well as the general community.

Parkinson’s NSW also advocates to the Government for better services and treatment for people that have been affected.  There is currently no known cause, prevention or cure, but is the subject of international and Australian research.  Parkinson’s NSW co-ordinates a network of over 50 support groups throughout NSW. 

Joan is currently organising the formation of a support group in Bingara, encompassing surrounding areas.

What is a Support Group? 

A support group is an informal gathering of people who share similar experiences, situations or problems.

Activities may include:

• Sharing experiences and practical tips and advice on living with Parkinson’s;

• Information and educational sessions given by guest speakers, such as specialists, physiotherapists, etc.

• Have ‘time out’ and fun things to do.

• Have social outings

• Help renew your sense of hope in dealing with changes in your lifestyle.

• Sharing a cuppa and offering each other emotional and practical support.

• Borrow from a range of books, videos, etc. on diet, exercise, relaxation, etc.

The Bingara Support Group meeting will be held on Friday, March 28 in the Linga-Longa Room (HACC Office) Maitland Street, at 10 am.

If you would like to learn more and have some fun, come along, friends, carers, neighbours, in fact, anyone that would like to know more.

For further information, contact Joan Bush on 6724 1976 or Parkinson’s NSW on 1800 644189.