Plenty of wildlife around us

November 4, 2016

Gwydir Ark is a community group, in association with the Northern Slopes Landcare Association, which is keen to discover, protect and help our local flora and fauna to thrive and survive.

Please join us on our first adventure to spot, name, play games, take photos and count our local threatened species, such as Koala, Black Striped Wallaby, Regent Honey Eater, Brush Turkey and if they are very lucky the shy old platypus lurking around the edges of the water. Who knows what we will find and be heard to say ‘what bird is that’.

Recent rains have provided a huge variety of ground cover so please dress appropriately in long pants, closed in shoes/boots, hats, sunscreen and fill your own water bottle. Bring your binoculars, bird book and camera if you like and some insect repellent.

We will be gathering at 9am on Sunday 6th November at the Lower Sunnyside Reserve, just 2km out of Bingara on the Keera Road. Bring your lunch too and we can all enjoy a picnic and discuss our spottings, jottings, photos and talk about the one that ‘got away’ at 12 noon.

At a recent meeting of the Gwydir Ark group, Barry Rogers was voted in Chairman, Stefan West, Vice Chairman, Ros Moulton – Secretary, Shelly McDouall – Treasurer, Publicity Officer – Irene Wynne, Face Book – Lyn Hill with General Members –Paul Moulton, Louisa Butler and Glen Pereira.

Gwydir Ark Facebook page is up and running with some stunning photos posted and further information about the group including meeting times. Assist the group by ‘liking’ the page and sharing with your friends and family and come along to meetings.

All local knowledge is welcome.

Please contact Shelly from Northern Slopes Landcare on 0267 242002 or 0418 642715