Pool opening draws closer

November 18, 2020

The Bingara Pool and Splash Park will open soon. If your child would like to be one of the first to jump in the pool and be under the first fall of the big bucket look for the second Big River Dreaming logo in the Gwydir News.

Cut out the logo and put it with the logo from last week (Hint: it was hidden in plain sight). Complete the entry form which is in the paper and drop into the Bingara Council Office or Library on or before Monday 23 November 2020.

Winners will be determined from a random draw.

Due to the implications of COVID-19 the number of people permitted to attend the opening will be limited to 100. If you wish to attend, please contact the Bingara Council Office on 02 6724 2000 or mail@gwydir.nsw.gov.au to register your expression of interest.

The 25-metre pool and splash program pool are looking an absolute treat, and the activity centre building is progressing well. The upgraded facility will be a great community asset.