Pool opens just in time for heatwave

October 7, 2015

After a burst of cooler weather during the first week of the school holidays, it’s fair to say that many were looking forward to some warmer weather. However, it certainly became a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ as temperatures soared to record highs midway through the first week of October, a timely reminder of just how brutal Aussie summers can be.

For Bingara Swimming Pool manager, Glenn Wade, the warm weather came as a welcome surprise, as a steady crowd of pool goers flooded through the gates after the pool officially opened on Saturday morning.

“We had very good numbers for the opening weekend,” Glenn told the Advocate.

“These were up from previous years which was great to see.”

Damien Crump enjoying a swim with his son William.
Damien Crump enjoying a swim with his son William.

For little nine and a half month old William Crump the Bingara Swimming Pool became his first ever swim outside of the family bath tub and what fun did he have.

Judging by the look on his face, William was quite the enthusiastic little tadpole sporting the coolest pair of sunnies to go with his chilled out look.

Parents Damien and Sarah Crump were delighted to be able to enjoy a family fun day out at the local pool.

The pool is currently open from 11am to 6pm with the early morning openings on the cards.

“As the weather warms up more we will consider opening the pool for early morning swimming,” said Glenn.

“This will depend on numbers so if you are interested please let as know as soon as possible.”

The pool will be running a ‘Swim and Survive’ program during January with Ellie Wade as instructor as in previous years.

Any one interested in further swimming lessons are asked to contact the Bingara Swimming Club Association.

The Bingara Pool is a great place to bring the entire family for a fun day out. Not only in a great location but with perfectly manicured lawns, shade areas for sun protection and qualified supervision at all times there is no better place to bring the family as the weather warms up.

The weather outlook for the next few weeks is sunny and warm so why not head down to your local pool.

As of 11am Tuesday morning the current water temperature was a beautiful 21 degrees!