Practical experience for hospitality students

February 28, 2016

“Students Kayla, Selena and Kim from Bundarra Central school prepare to wait upon tables at The Roxy Café.  The event was an 81st birthday party for Rosemary Akers held on Friday, February 19.

Rosemary and her friends enjoyed each other’s company and were served by the Distance Education Hospitality Class under the guidance of teacher Janet Elliott from Dubbo.

Akers party, Roxy cafe.

The class consisted of secondary students from across the region. They meet twice each term to use the teaching kitchen at the Roxy Trade Training Centre.

The students experience the food preparation, cooking, ‘plating up’ and serving for their special guests, as well as the less glamorous but just as important, washing up and putting away.

The meal consisted of a Tomato and Basil soup, followed by panfried Chicken Schnitzel and vegetables, and Chocolate Cake for dessert. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all.”