Putting on The Ritz at The Roxy!

June 10, 2007

Another evening of glitz and glamour is planned for the Roxy Theatre with the Gala performance from the North West Theatre Company. 

Who are these people? …and what plot are they hatching?

Do any of these faces look familiar? They are all members of the Local Dramatic Society and they are “hatching a plot” that will have you rolling with laughter. They are trying to piece together, “The Last Bread Pudding”, ready to serve it up to the Local Community.

Their names are, Ken Mills (Rick Hutton) President of the LDS, a stickler for convention and order, Denise Boon (Ros Moulton)  a seeker of new ideas, and wanting a break from conformity, Fleur Florian (Glenda Wright) a “flower child” sometimes “off with the fairies”, Jan Cooke (Jayne Roberts) a young playwright who’s new work is the title of the play, Jack Handy (Max Eastcott) handyman, lightsman, soundman, set builder and general “Jack of All Trades”, Phyllis Little (Marie Warren) the LDS Secretary, very neat and precise, from whom words flow “like water down the Darling”, and the very strange and mysterious Tramp (Bob Charlston) whose role in the piece is as strange as a “duck in a teacup”. 

See “The Last Bread Pudding” on a double bill with the wonderful vaudeville melodrama “The Accidental Poke”, presented by the North West Theatre Company, at The Roxy Theatre, Bingara, from Friday June 22 through to Sunday July 1.

The Gala Opening Night will include a Sparkling Supper after the show, so gather your friends together, get on your glitz and glamour, and join in the fun in the beautifully decorated and comfortably heated, Roxy Theatre. Bookings are through Fay’s of Bingara. Phone 6724 1303.