PYGMALION cast brings new faces to the Roxy stage.

August 19, 2013

The North West Theatre Company is delighted with the cast put together for their November production of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play PYGMALION. The strong troupe includes experienced and novice players all with great talent.

Pygmalion Cast
(L-R) Lee Loudon, Henry Martin, Rachael Fernance, Mark Everett, Linda McDouall, Henry Young.

Pictured here are (from left to right) Lee Loudon who will play Mrs Higgins mother of Professor Henry Higgins played by Henry Martin. Next is the lovely Rachael Fernance playing the flower girl Eliza Doolittle, who becomes a “duchess” under the guiding hand of Professor Higgins. The tall and imposing figure is Mark Everett who plays Colonel Pickering. Then there is Linda McDouall as Mrs Eynsford-Hill and as her son, Henry Young, who plays Freddie Eynsford-Hill.

Other members of the cast are NWTC stalwart Ros Moulton who plays Mrs Pearce, Nedine Young who plays Clara Eynsford-Hill, and Crystal Cooper who plays Lucy the Maid. At this time, the Director of PYGMALION, Rick Hutton is playing Eliza’s father, Alfred Doolittle.

“This is a wonderful cast,” said Rick Hutton. “PYGMALION is an enduring play. Its characters and story-line are as fresh and meaningful today, at the start of the twenty first century, as they were when the play was written and first performed at the beginning of the last century,” he said. “There is love and drama, class differences, aspirations, accusations and manipulations, all being hit around the stage like the ball in a game of doubles tennis,” Rick said.

Community members who are interested in being part of the production whether on stage or behind the scenes can contact Rick Hutton on 0428 255380 or the Producer of PYGMALION, the NWTC President, John Wearne, on 0418 419684.