Rally success for hosts and visitors

November 1, 2008

With the 23rd CMCA National Rally at Bingara behind us it is time to thank all those who played a part in making it the great success that it was. 

Our members were very impressed with everything that Bingara had to offer. Praise was given to the friendly nature of local residents who made our visitors so welcome. CMCA members enjoyed the wonderful setting in which the Rally was held, a great venue surrounded by picturesque hills. And what a wonderful view of the rally site from the lookout.

Local businesses provided everything that we required. Positive comments were made about the manner in which our members were accepted and treated by sales staff who at times were put under pressure by the number of customers in their shops. We can only assume that the business houses received favourable trading success. On the other hand we know that several community groups and projects had quite successful fund raising efforts. The evening meals provided over$5000 to the hospital helipad. For the provision of 24hour first aid the SES received a donation in excess of $4000 which included the gate takings from the open day. Parking on the school oval prior to the Rally raised over $800 for school projects and the students who provided midday meals on the grounds raised a further $2000.

There were other organizations that benefitted from our visit to Bingara.

Some 363 knee rugs have been donated to the local HACC team for distribution throughout the area. A Morning tea at the Rally raised over $900 for the Prostate Cancer Fund and special activities organized donated over $800 to Breast Cancer Research.

Finally Lyn and I sincerely thank everyone from the local community, involved in the Rally for your friendship and support. It has been an honour to meet with so many wonderful people. Bingara certainly has community spirit all can be proud of. Bingara will occupy a part of our hearts forever and we can plan on re-visiting this great location on our future travels and will certainly be ‘telling our friends’ of our experience and encouraging them to visit "the Gem on the Gwydir"

Thank you all once again and goodbye until we return.

David Fricke,
CMCA 2008 Rally Organiser.