A reading of ‘The 39 Steps’ this Sunday

February 21, 2017

The North West Theatre Company (NWTC) is soon to commence rehearsals for the comedy spoof ‘The 39 Steps’.

A reading of the script will take place at the Roxy Theatre this Sunday at 2pm.

The great suspense director Alfred Hitchcock filmed the first of several celluloid versions of John Buchan’s novel ‘The 39 Steps’ in 1935. Starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll the film loosely follows the adventures of Richard Hannay, a public servant, recently returned from the ‘colonies’ to his dull London flat.

Hannay is bored. No, more than bored, he is tired. Tired of life actually, and so he does the one thing that he thinks will be totally mindless and trivial, he goes to the theatre. There, in the midst of a fairly insignificant show, he meets Annabella Schmidt, a sexy and sultry secret agent.

From that first chance encounter Hannay’s life changes. Before he knows it, he is caught up in a world of assassination and intrigue, of love and lust and anguish. He is accused of murder and to clear his name he must get to Scotland, to meet with Professor Jordan and to solve the riddle of the 39 Steps.

He encounters dozens of people on his journey, from assassins to salesmen, trench-coated heavies to crafty crofters, sexy ladies to shady policemen, plus publicans, politicians, showgirls, railwaymen, raving radio announcers. Right down to the milkman and the cleaning lady, some want to help him, some want to kill him, and so he must keep running until the mystery is solved.

More than forty characters are in Patrick Barlow’s 2004 play adapted from the novel and spoofing nearly every Hitchcock film. When it opened on London’s West End in 2004, all of the characters were played by just four actors. The NWTC’s production, to be directed by Rick Hutton, will require from eight to twelve players.

The NWTC welcomes all those who would like to try out for a part (and possibly many parts) to come along to the reading this Sunday. The event is free and it will be lots of fun. Bring your friends and enjoy a really cool afternoon at the Roxy and all the foolish frivolity of ‘The 39 Steps’.

For more information contact the President, John Wearne on 0418 419 684 or the Director, Rick Hutton on 0438 355 197.