Recent rains caused havoc in the district

February 14, 2012

The recent rains caused havoc in the Gwydir Shire, but relative to surrounding districts Bingara faired very well.  Inconvenience, more than hardship was experienced.

Sport was cancelled and the Bingara Races were called when it became clear it would be too wet for the event to go ahead.

Fortunately Bingara escaped the flooding which saw large areas of Moree as well as the villages of Pallamallawa and Biniguy flooded.

Rainfall recorder, Peter Jones said that in the first four days of February, he recorded 138.9mm, already the highest he has measured since he started recording.

Council’s General Manager said the tally of flood damage prior to the last rains was $4.3 million. “After the recent event we are expecting this to exceed $6 million.”

Mr. Eastcott said.“This does not include the Gwydir Highway flood damage which could be $2-3 million alone with damage to Gravesend Bridge and the section of the Highway that was inundated at Yagobie.”

Here are some of the photographs:

 Elcombe bridge Veiw from the Horton Bridge

Bronco’s Creek on the Elcombe road suffered extensive damage in the flood.

[Click on the image to enlarge.]

Stream from the Horton river bridge at Caroda.  The river did not burst its banks, but  it remained at a very high level for three days.  [Click image to enlarge.]

A large She-Oak tree washed across a Rocky Creek crossing on the Narrabri Road – twice. Council staff pulled the tree off the roadway on Saturday, but a storm on Saturday night brought the creek down again, and the tree with it. Rocky Creek
Rocky Creek Rocky Creek Glacial area looked like the rapids at Niagra Falls!