Recipe for “Pudding, with Poke”

June 1, 2007

Take one well hatched plan. Combine, One General Manager, One Statistician, One Builder, One Teller, One Horse Whisperer, One Consultant, One Golfer, One Grocer, and One Young Mother.

Blend together:
…as Directed, using an experienced hand.
Add a wonderful bunch of helping hands.
Place in a lovely, pre heated container, and allow to simmer for four weeks, until it is warm and sweet on the inside, and crusty and spicy on the outside.

Present it on a sparkling platter, (with a splash of young talent), to a glittering array of consumers, hungry for a serve of delicious fun and laughter….
and there you have it….”Pudding, with Poke”. Yum! Yum!

Oh! ..and while you are waiting for it to cook, note in your diary, that the North West Theatre Company’s production of “The Last Bread Pudding” and “The Accidental Poke” will open at the Roxy Theatre, Bingara on Friday, June 22, with a glittering “glitz and glamour” Opening Night, followed by evening performances on Saturday June 23, Friday June 29, and Saturday June 30, plus afternoon matinees on Sunday June 24 and Sunday July 1.

Bookings are available through Fays of Bingara, phone 6724 1303.