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April 6, 2016

The World Health Organisation made a detailed study of disease in the 21st century. They could not find a single disease that was not linked to nutrition.

You can reclaim your health by understanding and addressing the role of mineral deficiencies. This is a key message from nutrition writer and presenter Graeme Sait. Graeme will be presenting his timely message at the Roxy Theatre this Friday evening, April 8 at the Gwydir Learning Region promoted event, “An Outbreak of Wellness”.

Cravings for salt and sugar are the drivers of our massive ‘junk food’ consumption in the developed world. In response to this diet, it is necessary to re-mineralise our diets.

But what foods DO we need, in what amounts, and in what form?

Three particular minerals are deficient in most Australians: zinc, selenium and magnesium. Selenium is absolutely essential if you are a smoker.

Zinc is essential for immune efficiency, especially for prostate health in males as they age, and for women’s breast health.

Magnesium is the ‘Master Mineral’. It is linked to every aspect of health and longevity and yet about 75% of us are lacking in this mineral.

You owe it to yourself and to your family to learn more about the food we eat. Farmers, gardeners, teachers, health workers, doctors and chemists can all gain from “An Outbreak of Wellness”.

Mothers and fathers, senior citizens and teenagers, can all live healthier lives with possibly just a few minor adjustments in their diets.

Submitted by Rick Hutton

The cost for the evening is $20. Bookings for “An Outbreak of Wellness!” will be available through the Bingara Visitor Information Centre. Phone 6724 0066.

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An Outbreak of Wellness

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