May 12, 2008

As a prelude to their Regenerative Energy for Rural Communities Forum to be held on July 17/18 at the Roxy Theatre, in Bingara, Bingara and District VISION 20/20 will have a stand at the Bingara Show to showcase some energy options.

Solar powered fencing and water pumps and electric powered vehicles will be shown. Members of V2020 will also be available to explain and field questions about their other current and planned projects including the Bingara Website, Bingara Riverscape and the Bingara Farm Gardens.

At the Sustainable Communities Forum held in Echuca-Moama last week, two key themes were prominent, PEAK OIL, and CLIMATE CHANGE. The communities attending had various responses to these issues, but many have done nothing to consider their options. As one presenter said, “there are those who make things happen, those that watch things happen…..and those who wonder, what happened???”. Where does Bingara fit?

Visitors to the Bingara Show will be welcomed at the VISION 20/20 stand and there will be some special prizes on offer focused on the Energy options theme. Any suggestions, ideas and comments from the community on any of these projects will be most welcome.

Submitted by:
Rick Hutton – Secretary