Renowned soils consultant to visit Bingara

October 13, 2018

Nicole Masters from Integrity Soils is an agro-ecologist and sought after speaker, educator and consultant. Nicole has been working in regenerative agriculture for 20 years and works with farmers in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Nicole is delivering a one day workshop, Resilient Soil Systems at The Living Classroom at Bingara on Thursday October 18.

Nicole Masters from Integrity Soils

Nicole Masters from Integrity Soils

This one day workshop with Nicole Masters will give farmers a deeper understanding of the role of soil microbes and the essential need to improve soil health for quadruple bottom lines, more practical skills in assessing and monitoring the biological health of your soils and skills to assess plant health.  Farmers will gain practical skills to take new actions to improve their business through improved soil health.

Organiser of the workshop, Kim Deans is encouraging farmers to make the most of the valuable opportunity to spend a day with Nicole Masters. “I have worked with hundreds of farmers over 20+ years and have seen first-hand the impact of declining soil health on declining farm profits and the increasing vulnerability of farmers to climate extremes.

“This workshop will inspire farmers with practical actions they can take to improve soil health for a more profitable, resilient and enjoyable farming business” Registrations are essential.

For more information on this event and to register visit the Integrity Soils website: