Revised “Imagine” Bingara tourist brochure nears completion.

September 3, 2012

The latest “Imagine” tourist brochure for Bingara and District is nearing completion. After nearly six years the initial publication initiated by Bingara and District Vision 2020 in 2006, is to be replaced. The glossy A4 size, 28 page format will be retained but a very different style will be used.

With great support from advertisers and with printing costs now lower than six years ago, the brochure is very well funded and V2020 is looking to some additional promotional opportunities using the surplus of funds.

The options for the additional funds include:

  • An extra large initial print run. (20,000 was planned).
  • A reserve fund for additional printing in future years.
  • Some roadside signs to support the brochure.
  • Some other media campaigns, perhaps TV and/or radio.
  • Some additional flyers.
  • Some programs utilizing internet media.

These options, and any other suggestions, will be on the agenda at this week’s monthly General Meeting, to be held at the Imperial Hotel Conference Room at 6:00pm on Thursday, September 6. All are welcome to attend.

Gwydir River photo

The 2012 “Imagine” brochure is being supported in kind by Gwydir Shire Council, and the focus will be as much on the future prospects for the town and district as it is on our fascinating past. Our natural icons such as the Big River the Gwydir, will be matched by our cultural icons like the Roxy Theatre, Café and Museum.

Another agenda item at this week’s meeting will be the prospect for a District Discovery bus tour, offered to business people in the town so that they and their staff can be better acquainted with the amazing attributes of the District, and thus more able, and confident, in promoting the District to visitors.

Upper Bingara, the Horton Valley and some of the unique features within those areas and other places along the journey, will be considered.

Reports on the Living Classroom Project, the Junction Park and other matters of concern will be included in the agenda.

Submitted by Rick Hutton – President