“The Right Stuff” leads the yearly program for the North West Theatre Company Film Club for 2018

January 28, 2018

Why not join the NWTC Film Club for a great year of special films?

North West Theatre Company Film Club is now accepting and encouraging annual memberships to its very successful film society for the 11 special films selected for screening in 2018. This program includes the “mystery movie” in early December, and the 10 already announced.

North West Theatre Company has not been tempted to change what has been a winning formula since the Film Club began in 2011. Films will be screened on the last Sunday of each month (not necessarily the 4th), will commence at 4pm, and the annual membership fees remain unaltered since day one at $60 per person. The films will again be presented, and wine and snacks will be available following the movie.

And what a line-up of films it is! There is drama, comedy, the old and the new. A number of the movies are multi-Academy Award winners. All are unique in their own way, and some of them would never have had a cinema release in this part of the state.

The program ranges from great Australian classics such as “Strictly Ballroom” and “Shine”, to mega-hits like “Out of Africa”, “Argo” and “The Right Stuff”, to side-splitters like “Crackerjack” and “Cat Ballou” (have you ever seen a better drunken gunslinger than Lee Marvin – he won the Best Actor Oscar for this), to foreign classics such as “Cinema Paradiso” and “Far from Men” to Elizabeth Taylor’s first adult role (at age 17!) in the 1951 pot boiler “A Place in the Sun”, which won no less than 6 Academy Awards. To have access to films like this for less than $6 per film is a treat for movie lovers.

It is quite simple to join. Either see Jen at the Bingara Visitor Information Centre, ring John Wearne on 0418-419684, or do it at the Roxy prior to the first film on Sunday, 25th February. Annual membership is a requirement for being a part of the Australian Film Societies Federation, which negotiates distribution rights for each film at a price we can afford. Membership can be taken out at any stage of the year, and reduces by $6 per month, but membership for the whole year is strongly recommended.

For those people considering membership, it would help if you don’t all line up at the Roxy just before “The Right Stuff” screens on 25th February. This film is already over 3 hours long!
Following is the complete program for 2018.