Is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival here to stay?

July 13, 2017

Following the outstanding success of this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll themed Bingara Orange Festival, the Bingara Special Events Committee is considering continuing with the same theme for next year’s festival.

Bingara ladies, Gail List and Judy Adams ready to jive at the Orange Festival.

Bingara ladies, Gail List and Judy Adams ready to jive at the Orange Festival.

“This year’s festival was very well received by young and old, and we experienced record crowds,” Marketing and Promotions Team Leader, Georgia Standerwick, said.

“If we are to grow the festival, we really need a theme that is going to attract special interest groups like car clubs, dance groups and nostalgia buffs, and this theme does exactly that.”

The Special Events Committee is seeking the opinions of Bingara residents and others who attended this year’s festival before a final decision is made.

There is a form on page 3 of this week’s Bingara Advocate that can be filled in and dropped back to the Bingara Advocate office or the Bingara Information Centre.  Alternatively, send us an email to or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Mrs. Standerwick said the Orange Picking ceremony will still remain, and receive the recognition and respect it deserves, it would only be the festival that changes.

“We received lots of feedback from the car clubs and the dance groups who believe the program offered at this year’s Orange Festival was better than that offered at the Trundle Abba Festival, others told us that dancers and car clubs have been turned off by the big rock n roll festivals like Cooly Rocks, because they are too big and too expensive to participate in.

The Cooly Rocks On festival at Coolangatta, is held in June each year, and features music, 50s and 60s dancing, cars, nostalgia and what they describe as “good old fashioned family fun.”

The Trundle Abba Festival was inspired by the success of the Parkes Elvis Festival, and in turn has become something of a Mecca for Abba fans who turn out in their thousands (and their jumpsuits) to take part.

That’s precisely what participants found at this year’s Orange Festival.  “(The visitors) would all love to see Bingara’s festival grow and see it as a perfect fit with Bingara, our historic buildings like the Roxy and our beautiful and quaint traditions like the Orange Picking, which are a reminder of yesteryear,” Mrs. Standerwick said.