Roxy wins jackpot at ‘The Club’

June 8, 2008

The live production of The Club at The Roxy recently certainly lived up to all expectations.

The sell out show broke box office records, with 435 people experiencing a truly extraordinary night in the theatre.

People travelled from throughout the region, including a school group from Moree, and as far as Sydney, and Gatton.

John Wood did not disappoint and delivered a brilliant performance. John was supported by an exceptional cast, including Denis Moore, who according to some audience members, was the real star in the role of Club President.

It was exhilarating to watch the dynamics of such wonderfully talented actors bringing to life one of Australia’s greatest plays.

John Wood described The Roxy as a national treasure. The Roxy is pleased to announce that John Wood will return in 2009 with "A Stretch of the Imagination" a one-man play that, if The Club is anything to go by, will guarantee an unforgettable performance.

The cast of The Club left to right, Chris Parker, Simon Wilton, John Wood, Christopher Connelly, Denis Moore and seated, Guy Kable.

Roxy Manager Sandy McNaughton had this to say to Bingara residents:
The cast and crew of The Club, the live performance seen at The Roxy last Friday night, departed Bingara on Saturday morning full of praise and appreciation for the wonderful time they spent here.

"Bingara has been an absolute highlight!!" is just one of the quotes left in The Roxy guestbook by Chris Parker who played Danny in the play. Simon Wilton who played the administrator noted that "the generosity and sense of community spirit we have encountered in Bingara has been truly inspiring."

There are many people who were involved in ensuring that their stay here was more than memorable. Thanks to John Wade for a wonderful horse ride, to Steve Apthorpe and Dave Withers for an unforgettable afternoon spent fishing on the Gwydir River (just try and make sure they’re biting next time!) to Paul Moulton for an inspiring bush walk, to Hayden Mack for an evening spotlighting, to David Brown and Peter Smith for the round of golf and to Erik and Noelene Ozols for their hospitality at the Imperial Hotel.

Thanks also go to all the people who took time out to greet John Wood and the cast while they were out and about around the town.

Behind the scenes at The Roxy, Jenny Mead did an outstanding job managing the ticket sales. Martin Hansford is to be thanked for going above and beyond to make sure that the show really did go on. Many thanks also to The Roxy volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the evening such a success.

Despite having been on the road since August 2007, touring to over 90 towns and major centres in that time, the cast expressed that they had not experienced the same welcome and generosity of time and spirit that they received from the community in Bingara. They set off describing their stay as a "truly memorable experience" that they will carry with them for a long time.

Thanks to everyone in Bingara for making their time here so incredibly special.