Rural Roads Forum

June 10, 2011

Infrastructure Australia  representatives, Mr Michael Deegan (Infrastructure Coordinator) and Mr John Austen (General Manager of Policy) were in the Gwydir Shire area on Tuesday surveying the extent of damage on the local roads, before meeting at the Roxy complex for a public forum to discuss ways of fixing them.

The inspection comes after the Australian Rural Roads Group called on Mr Deegen to survey the local government areas of Narrabri, Gwydir and Moree Plains.

The Chairman of Australian Rural Roads Group and Mayor of Gwydir Shire Council, John Coulton is confidentthat Mr Deegan will be shocked by the extent of local road damage in this area. The inspection of the roads was done by helicopter and by car to gather the true extent of the damage.

Mayor Coulton says it is this damage that is hindering producers, making it diffiult for them to get their crops and livestock to market. The open forum meeting with the representatives was held 2pm, Wednesday and is expected to bring about positive discussions on ways of how the industry may fix this and also looking at other ways of funding the roads.