‘Savaged’ by the step-children

July 18, 2014

The Curious Savage is the latest production by the North West Theatre Company (NWTC). It premiered last Saturday at The Roxy with a cast of eleven. The play is witty, touching, and most of all entertaining.

‘Savaged’ by the step-children - NWTC
Cast members, Emily Price, Lee Louden, Ben Daley, Rick Hutton Henry Martin, Ros Moulton, Linda McDouall, Christine Fry, Robyn Phillips and Wendy Wearne. Another cast member, Tanya Heaton, was not on stage at the time of this photograph.

Lee Louden is exceptional as Mrs Savage. Mrs Savage is a widow who wants to share her vast wealth with others by making their foolish dreams a reality.

Opposing Mrs Savage are her three stepchildren, an obnoxious Senator (played by Rick Hutton), an incompetent Judge (played by Robyn Phillips), and a flirtatious Socialite (played by Wendy Wearne). The stepchildren want to keep control of the family fortune so they seek to have their mother declared as mentally incompetent.

The play opens with the stepchildren dropping Mrs Savage off at The Cloisters, which is a private institution in Canberra. Here Mrs Savage befriends several eccentric but very kind and good-natured patients.

Linda McDouall plays a mute wannabe artist and Henry Martin a statistician who cannot cope with the fact that technology has virtually replaced him. Between them and their antics, the audience is continually laughing.

Emily Price plays a very quirky young woman who craves attention and love. Her performance is over the top and yet very endearing. Chris Fry plays a loving woman who mothers the other residents.

The fifth resident is Jeff a returned soldier who carries the scars of war. His interaction with Mrs Savage is poignant and allows her to realise how lucky she is.

The storyline is balanced, moving and fast paced. Newcomer to the stage, Tania Heaton is very natural as The Cloister’s resident nurse. Tania is a talented actress and complements Ros Moulton as Dr Emmett. Ros has appeared in several childrenNWTC productions however, this is by far her best performance. Her interaction with Lee, as Mrs Savage, is particularly beautiful.

The lighting, sound (by Wombat Tracks) and set (by Paul Moulton) make the NWTC’s production of The Curious Savage very professional and one, which is comparable to companies with much larger budgets and resources.

The Curious Savage is a ‘must see’ and is thoroughly recommended. The final two performances are Saturday 19 at 7.30pm and Sunday 20 at 2.30pm.

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