School News: February 28, 2008 (Week 5, Term 1)

March 5, 2008

PSP stands for Priority Schools Program and is a program that is offered by the Department of Education and Training to support schools who come from low socio-ecomonic status areas.

Next week each family in our school will be asked to complete a short and brief survey and return it to school. The survey is part of the process that each school must go through if it wants to become part of the PSP program. To even be considered to become part of the program that school must have a very high return rate of the surveys. Our school is aiming for a 100% return rate of surveys which will ensure that our school has a chance to become part of this program.

Why do we want to become part of the PSP Program? Schools who are part of this program receive a whole raft of additional resources to support quality teaching and learning. Support by the way of a massive increase in financial support, an increase in staffing, as well as a range of professional learning opportunities for staff and students. If our school is able to get on this program it will mean a massive increase in support for our students. It is also important to remember that this program is a four year program and so when you are on the program you are on it for at least four years.

The school will be providing support for parents to complete the survey so please look out for further information that will be made available in the coming week. Remember we need to aim for a 100% return rate to even be considered as part of this program. We need to work together to help our students and our school.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have had a number of our parents raise concerns with the school about road safety related issues in regards to the pick up and drop off of students. The safety or our students is a very important issue. As a school community we need to ensure that we have the appropriate strategies in place that protect the wellbeing of all our students.

Our school will be working with the RTA, the Gwydir Shire and the local Police to ensure we have a safe environment for our students to come and leave school on a daily basis. I would encourage each and every member of our school community to be extra conscious of student safety at these busy times of the day and ensure we all act in a safe manner.

I look forward to providing more information to our school community in the coming weeks with an update on what is being done to make our school even safer.

Thursday of last week saw our first P & C meeting of the year. It was a meeting that was attended by a number of our parents and staff and was a great way to discuss and look at the start of the school year. Our school is so very lucky to have such great support from the P & C and a number of exciting activities were discussed and planned for a great year.

It is so important that we continue to build our P & C Association to make it even stronger and I would really like to see as many parents as possible come along to our next meeting. The date for our next meeting has had to change and will now take place on Thursday 3rd April 2008 at 7pm in the school common room. This is an extra important meeting as it will serve as the AGM for our P & C Association.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved in education of your child.

Each family this week will receive home a letter outlining the important dates for the school calendar. It is a special sheet on bright coloured paper and will a good note to hang on the fridge at home and be reminded of all the many wonderful things that will be happening throughout the school year.

Have a great week!

Peter Macbeth