School News: January 31, 2008 (Week 1, Term 1)

February 10, 2008

Central School trail blazers: Fifteen Year 11 students have become pioneers at Bingara Central School by being the first students to start their High School Certificate studies at Bingara.

These are students who completed Year 10 at Bingara last year, but also a number of students who had chosen different pathways in recent years, and have decided to return to Bingara Central to complete their High School Certificate due to its availability in Bingara.

The students have chosen a wide variety of subjects that have matched their needs and their interests. Students at Bingara Central School will be studying more traditional courses such as English, General Mathematics, 2 Unit Mathematics, Senior Science, Ancient History and others.

Bingara Central’s first Year 11 class. Top step: Christine Oliveri, Matthew O’Rourke, Peter Reading, Miller. Middle step: Josh Miller, Kirsty Coombes, Eliose Brown, Danielle Riley. Bottom step: Anthony Kelly Welsh and Jane O’Brien. Absent were Megan Apthorpe, Alan Calloway and Cindy Atkins. Since photograph was taken, Joji O’Rourke has also enrolled.

Through the development and expansion of vocational education students will also have the opportunity to study courses in Business Services, Information Technology, Hospitality, Primary Industries and Retail. Many of the students are also enrolled in a variety of TAFE courses which include tourism, horticulture and welding.