School News: March 6, 2008 (Week 6, Term 1)

March 17, 2008

This Week is an enormously important week for our school community as we are required to complete the PSP survey.

The purpose behind the completion of the survey is that it will allow the Department of Education and Training to assess whether our school qualifies to become part of the Priority Schools Program (PSP).

The PSP Program is set up to provide extra assistance and support for those schools who are situated in low socio-economic areas. The extra support to the school comes in the form of additional financial support for the programs operating at the school. We may qualify for extra teaching time and the PSP Program will also provide additional professional learning events for our staff and parents.

Our school is aiming for a 100% return rate of surveys. Students will be reminded and encouraged each day of this week to bring the survey back to school. The survey itself will only take a very short time to complete. The survey is completely confidential and at no time will the people who complete the survey be able to be identified.

The survey and additional information about the program was sent home on Monday 3rd March and will need to be returned to school no later than Friday 7th March. Please complete the surveys and have them returned to school and check with your friends and colleagues during the week to ensure that they have completed and returned their survey.

Please remember that every student at Bingara Central School will benefit if we become part of the Priority Schools Program.

This week is also special because our school and our students have been extended an invitation to once again join the NAHSO’s who will be marching through Bingara on Saturday 8th March as part of the annual NASHO’s Reunion. Each year our students very proudly march down Maitland Street to recognise the efforts of all our service men and women. At school we believe that it is so very important that we teach and remind students of the great sacrifices that have been made by our service men and women who were and are part of the Australian Defence Force.

Information about the march went home to all students. I would certainly ask and encourage all parents to support this very important event and encourage every student to attend and join in the march next Saturday in full school uniform. I look forward to seeing you there.

As is often highlighted, Bingara Central School is a team orientated school that allows students, staff and parents to work together to provide the very best educational experiences to all our students. This week all our student representative leaders were inducted into our school Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC Ceremony took place on Tuesday morning. I was pleased to see many parents, Patrons and NASHO representatives attend this special Ceremony.

The SRC is a very important part of our school as we have many fine students and the voice of the student body is actively listened to and acted on. The SRC is an integral component of the decision making process of our school and I congratulate all those students who have been selected to be representatives of the student body.

I congratulate all the fantastic students who swam so successfully in Inverell to be selected as part of the Inverell Zone Swimming Team. These students will now travel to Armidale next week for the North West swimming trials. I look forward to hearing about our successful swimming stars.

Peter Macbeth