School News: November 15, 2007 (Week 5, Term 4)

December 6, 2007

School Certificate Exams:   
On behalf of the school I would like to wish all our Year 10 students the very best for their school certificate exams which the students have sat this week.

Students sat exams in English, Maths, Science, Australian History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship. These exams took place on Monday and Tuesday this week. Students also sat the online Computer Studies test on Wednesday in the computer room in the school library.

These exams will be the last formal exams for our students in Year 10 and will be an opportunity for them to show off all the great things that they have learnt. Results from these exams will be available before the end of the school year.

I wish all our students the very best.

Congratulations to Mark McGowan, school students and school staff who were responsible for a very successful steer show that was held on Thursday of last week at the Bingara showground. I know that the students and the staff put a lot of work into this event and I congratulate them. I would also like to say a big thankyou to the many people and businesses within our community who helped make the event such a success.

I was lucky enough to spend some time on Thursday watching the students in action at the showground and was amazed at how well all the students performed. For someone with a limited knowledge of agriculture and what is involved in a steer show, it certainly was a very interesting event to attend. I know for a fact that I learnt a lot about steers and how much hard work goes into presenting them at such events. Congratulations to all involved.

This week at our P & C Meeting we will be holding a special Values Forum. This is a part of a Federal Government initiative in which all schools across Australia are required to hold a values forum.

This special evening will be held at the Imperial Hotel. For people who are able to attend this event, a dinner will be held at 6.00pm followed by the Values Forum at 7.00pm. Lyn Wright, New England Region Values Project Officer will attend the evening and run this special forum for our parents and our staff.

Our school is a values rich school. Each and every day our students engage in quality learning activities that aim to not only teach students about educational matters but also reinforce to the students many important values such as respect, commitment, excellence, caring, integrity, honesty and a fair go. These values are so important in making sure our students grow into people who help make our greater community and society stronger than what it already is.

I look forward to reporting on this event in my column next week.

Last Friday, ALL our students and staff paused for a short commemorative ceremony to mark Remembrance Day. This event was attended by Charlie McKenzie from the Bingara RSL. Charlie was a most welcome visitor to our school and we felt very lucky to have him attend.

The students paused the hear a speech from myself about the importance of this day. This was followed by the playing of the Ode, a minute silence and then Reveille.

Our school has a long tradition in ensuring that the importance of commemorative events are remembered by all our students and school community. It was great to see our students wearing ’poppies’ to mark the occasion. Students have a very important role in ensuring that these important commemorative events are respected each year and we will continue to ensure that this happens at Bingara Central School.

Have a great week.

Peter Macbeth