School News: November 22, 2007 (Week 6, Term 4)

December 6, 2007

Students become Authors: 
Congratulations go to Montana McCosker, Holly Macbeth, Cameron Fletcher and Lawson Muir who this week have been informed that one of the stories that they have written will be published.

These 5/6 students wrote a book about “Olga the Brolga finds a new home” as part of a competition that was run by the Boarder Rivers Catchment Authority. This is obviously a story about the brolga. The students success means that the story that they have written will be published into a book of their own and the students will have their photos on the back of the book when it is published. Each student will received a copy of the book and a number of copies will be given to the school. The book also will be distributed widely to schools around NSW.

This is a fantastic achievement by our students. We want them to know that we are all very proud of their success and look forward to reading “Olga the Brolga finds a new home” when it is published.

After completing their Year 10 School Certificate exams last week, our Year 10 students this week will be off on two weeks work experience. Our students are going to a number of different work place settings. Work experience will give the students a wonderful taste of what their anticipated career choices are like. They will then be able to assess whether they need to look at the direction they want their future to take.

A number of our Year 10 students will also be participating in a TAFE delivered course at Arrawarra which is near Coffs Harbour. The students will be undertaking the first part of their Outdoor Guiding course. The course runs for one week. The students will need to complete a second week next year to complete the course requirements.

These school initiatives are a great way for students to effectively use their time after their school certificate exams.

Last week our school held a very successful values forum as part of its’ monthly P & C Meeting.

After all the people present had finished a very pleasant dinner, Lyn Wright, Values Education Project Officer, took our P & C members through some workshop activities. These looked at the many wonderful values that are taught to our students and are evident each and every day in public schools such as Bingara Central School.

Our school is a values rich environment that will continue to instill in our students the values that will help them to become valued members of our society and community.

Next year our school will further its examinations of values by engaging our students, staff and parents. I think this will be a great process and will provide a real student focus for our entire school community.

This week our students in the secondary department will be undertaking their yearly exams. On behalf of the entire school community I wish them every success in these exams and I look forward to hearing of some great results.

Have a great week!!

Peter Macbeth