School News: November 8, 2007 (Week 4, Term 4)

December 6, 2007

Edward Gibson off to State Athletics: 
This week, Year 6 student Edward Gibson heads off to the state athletics championships in Sydney. On behalf of the entire school community I would like to wish Edward every success as he competes against students from all over the state. 

Edward is a very dedicated and diligent student who is totally committed to everything he puts his mind to. We are all very proud of Edward and his achievements to date. I know that Edward will represent our school with distinction and we look forward to hearing how he fares when he returns.

This week I was informed that our school was successful in a submission for an Australian Government Quality Teaching Program – Quality Teaching and Learning Project based around a whole school focus on the teaching and learning of literacy.

The submission that I put in some weeks ago will mean thousands of dollars worth of support in terms of resources and support for staff and students to develop literacy K-12 and really support our students to secure a strong future. Wow! The development of literacy is simply fundamental to students and their futures and as a result our school will really focus on helping in this area.

The benefits in terms of professional development for staff will be just fantastic! The benefits to the students is amazing.

My other piece of great information was to let you know that our school was also successful this week in securing a federally funded community water grant with a value of $48 820.

A very big thankyou must go to Rachel Gleeson at Gwydir Shire for her efforts in writing this grant and working with our school in the submission. This will mean that the school will be putting in a number of measures such as dual flush toilets, flow restrictors on 57 taps and water tanks that will help supply water for the toilets and air conditioner system. This will all be designed to help save an enormous amount of water for the school and hence save money that can be directed to students.

It is also important to point out that our students next year across a number of year groups in both the primary and secondary school will be working with local community personnel in doing projects associated with water and the importance of water conservation.

Our focus at Bingara Central School is to ensure we are using water wisely as well as educating our students about the importance of looking after a very valuable resource.

Last week our primary students were thrilled at the prospect of a visit from one or our former students Lexi Hutton. Lexi, along with her parents, attended our primary assembly. Lexi spoke to the students about how she started off as a student at Bingara Central School and how she has reached the heights of singing Opera. Students were very thrilled when Lexi sang some really high pitched notes.

Lexi also spent time answering the questions of many of our inquisitive students about the recent performance of The Magic Flute. I think we might see some of our students’ in the years to come follow in Lexi’s footsteps because Lexi delivered such a great message.

Lexi enthralled our students and I know that she has left an indelible mark on many of them. Lexi spoke about the fact that Bingara Central School is a great school which allows you to reach your potential.

Many parents of secondary students would now be aware that the secondary department of our school recently introduced a reading program. This program is called a DEAR program. DEAR stands for Drop Everything and Read and that is exactly what the students do each morning for 20 minutes before classes start.

The message to our students is that reading is so very important and through this program we hope that students will discover an interest in reading and also improve their literacy skills. As we all know, literacy skills are fundamental to the students success in all areas of their studies.

Congratulations to our secondary staff for the innovation they have shown and the interest and effort that they have put in towards supporting our students.

Have a great week!

Peter Macbeth