Senior Citizens enjoy Sawn Rocks

April 6, 2015

To celebrate Seniors Week, the Bingara Senior Citizens enjoyed a bus trip to Sawn Rocks, courtesy of Bilsborough Bus Service.

The spectacular views made a lasting impression on the many members who had never visited this tourist attraction.

Alan Bilsborough generously donated his bus and his time on the day, following in his father, Russell’s, footsteps.

It has been a long standing tradition of over 50 years for Bilsborough Bus Service to make a contribution of this kind.

To show their appreciation the Senior Citizens donated $100 which will go to Alan’s much loved Frog Racing. The Senior Citizens rooms are open every Thursday morning and welcome locals and visitors for a cuppa and a chat.

The card players come in about 1:00 for the afternoon session. If you are interested in a friendly card game or you are a group already established, please consider using our comfortable air conditioned rooms.

Contributed Susanne Hughes