Settle for second best or take a chance

August 16, 2015

Lipstick Dreams will be the third NWTC production for 2015 and will appeal to all who relish a professional comedy with music.

The play opens in Blue Heaven Ladies Hairdressing Salon. The business has been struggling since Brett and his boys opened up another salon across the road.

To stay afloat the salon owner, Jo needs to find money fast, create a bit of publicity, and attract customers back to her business.

Lipstick Dreams is a light hearted look at the lives of four different women living in a small country town. Each woman has her own dreams and disappointments.

Johnette WalkerJohnette Walker is back after playing the mysterious butler in Murdered to Death.

“I loved being part of that NWTC production,” said Johnette.

“The whole experience from beginning to end was so enjoyable I had to audition for more.”

Johnette plays the part of Jan.

“My character Jan, is a customer who walks into the salon. Jan is a woman of a certain age with a husband and two children. She has been wondering lately whatever has happened to her life! Her relationship with her husband seems to have lost its spark and life seems to be dull and monotonous.”

“I think many women as they grow older and their children become more and more independent question who they are and what they have become,” Jan said when asked if she identifies with her character.

“Jan goes to the Blue Heaven Salon for a new hairdo. She finds herself comparing her current life to what she was like before marriage and children – before “he” told her how boring she is.

“An opportunity presents itself and Jan finds herself nervously attempting to be the ‘little live wire’ she was before they got married.

“As the play develops each character wonder if they should accept how things are as, somehow, it’s easier that way, or should they take a chance.

“It is really touching how the four characters coax one another to open up to opportunity. Together they let their hair down and have the time of their lives.

“Lipstick Dreams is not a musical as such, but we do sing a couple of songs and have a great deal of fun.”

‘Lipstick Dreams’ is on at the Roxy in September. There will be two evening performances on September 12 and 19 and two matinees on September 13 and 20.

Tiered seating only.

Book Now!Tickets – Bingara Vic: 02 6724 0066
Adult $20.00pp, Concession $15.00pp (Pensioners, Concession Card holders, Students – NOT SENIORS CARDS), Groups $15.00pp (Group consists of 10 + people). 

For further information contact director Ros Moulton Mob: 0412 081 642.