Shire to roll out Why Leave Town gift card program for local businesses

April 10, 2020

Local businesses are to be given a boost with the roll out of the Why Leave Town Gift Card scheme.

The scheme involves pre-paid EFTPOS gift cards that can only be used at participating businesses with the Shire, ensuring that all funds spent on them go back to the community.

Initially drafted as a means of drought relief, the cards will now provide stimulus to businesses slowed during the COVID-19 shutdown, or for shops shut for the duration and needing a quick boost at the end of it.

Why Leave Town is completely free for businesses.

The program is fully funded by Gwydir Shire Council, who will also be registering businesses providing the load-up facility where cards can be loaded with credit.

Gilly Goddard, from Why Leave Town, says the program has had a huge impact.  “In the last four or five months in the Narrabri Shire over $300,000 has come in just through relief efforts.
“Cards are purchased and loaded locally, with funds spent at businesses participating in the local area.”

The activation process is described as being no harder than doing an incorrect PIN transaction at an EFTPOS terminal.

Why Leave Town is a Narrabri-based business that has been providing these localised gift cards since 2007, with over 37 communities participating within Australia