Smooth transition will ensure the Bingara community benefits from school expansion

October 19, 2007

The Bingara community can be assured of a smooth transition as Bingara Central School expands to offer Year 11 and 12 studies, the School Education Director, Peter Harvey said on Monday.

“This is a major step forward for Bingara Central School and the community,” Mr Harvey said. “It will be a smooth, phased introduction with Year 11 available from next year and the first students sitting the Higher School Certificate in 2009.

“Having a school that offers studies from Kindergarten to Year 12 is an asset for any community. However, in the case of Bingara Central it offers the further advantage of a new dimension to the benefits of the highly-regarded Gwydir Learning Region. With two complete 7-12 secondary schools (Warialda High and Bingara Central) working in partnership in the Gwydir Learning Region the opportunities for all students will be enhanced and its potential further strengthened."

“The value of the Gwydir Learning Region is well-recognised and its reputation is constantly expanding. This reflects positively on the reputation of Bingara, Warialda and the communities of the Gwydir Shire. The availability of the HSC and all the opportunities of the Gwydir Learning Region at Bingara Central School is an asset to Bingara’s future and young people growing up in the Bingara area. Bingara Central is a good school, and this will make it even better.”

Mr Harvey said a further benefit was the close individualised understanding of students in a small school, like Bingara Central. “Teachers really know their students well,” Mr Harvey said. “They really care for their students, and not only closely meet their personal educational needs, but also have a strong commitment to support their personal well-being."

“The teachers and school are very much part of community of Bingara, and this closeness also has advantages that parents and students may not fully realise. In turn, Bingara Central, like other community assets, thrives from the support and commitment it receives from members of its community."

“The principals of both schools are committed to maintaining and building on the close working relationship, and everyone can be assured of the continuing support from the (New England) Region. That support will definitely be there during the transition phase so that the innovation, imagination, enthusiasm and leadership are maintained and extended even further, and so Bingara and Warialda students continue to reap the rewards.”