Social Media Seminar from UGLA

June 12, 2014

Like, tweet, hashtag, blog, mashup, app…is this terminology that you understand, or is it a completely foreign language?  Are you addicted to Facebook, or have you made the choice not to engage with social media?

In February this year, Facebook marked 10 years since it was launched in a college dorm room.  Conceived as a way to connect students, it now boasts 1.23 billion monthly users, or about one-sixth of the world’s population.

Social media has profoundly changed the way we live, yet how much do we really understand it and its impact on our daily lives?

The Upper Gwydir Landcare Association (UGLA) is pleased to present a seminar on Social Media at The Roxy, Bingara on Wednesday 25th June.

The seminar is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, from those unfamiliar with social networking, to frequent users who can’t live without it.

The seminar is just one of the inspiring events presented by UGLA as part of its ‘Gwydir Women of Mettle: Forging Leaders 2014’ project. The project aims to equip women with the skills they require to adapt to change and embrace life’s greatest challenges.

For the uninitiated, an introductory workshop to social media will be held from 3:30pm. The workshop will provide women with the knowledge and skills to feel connected in the digital age.

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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram…what are these platforms and how do they work?
Designed for those unfamiliar with social networking sites, the workshop will provide an understanding of the current trends and how they operate.

A presentation by Melinda Tankard Reist will be held in the evening from 6:00pm.
Melinda TankardMelinda is one of Australia’s best-known feminist voices. She increasingly frames our debates on sex, gender and popular culture. Sexism may be an age-old problem, but we are the first generation to navigate the issue through the lens of social media.

Children, and young girls in particular, are facing unprecedented social pressure. Have you noticed that they seem to be growing up too fast?

Melinda has given a voice to parents’ fears about the impact that social media and popular culture is having on our children.

Young people in the on-line world are vulnerable to cyber bullying, exhibitionism, suicide sites fuelling depression and self-loathing – how can we help them stay positive in cyberspace?

Melinda is an author, media commentator, blogger and activist for women and young girls. A columnist with Fairfax media, she is a regular guest on morning television and radio programs.

She presents on a range of topics relating to the objectification of women, harms of pornography, teens and popular culture, media and society.

As a leading commentator, Melinda is well known for her campaigns regarding the sexualisation of young girls in the media and what we can do about it.

Constantly in demand, Melinda is invited all over the country to share her insights as to how we can positively incorporate social media into our lives in ways that are not harmful to ourselves or others.

The UGLA ‘Gwydir Women of Mettle: Forging Leaders 2014’ project celebrates the formidable strength and resilience of women.

The project has been generously funded by the Australian Government initiative Caring For Our Country. The Social Media Seminar has been supported by Bingara Community College.

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Tickets to the Seminar are $15 and includes light refreshments. Bookings can be made online at (search Bingara Social Media Workshop) or by tel: 02 67 242 052.

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