Soil, it’s a living thing

June 17, 2011

As part of the recognition of the importance of the orange trees in Bingara, the UGLA is combining with Border Rivers Gwydir CMA and the Bingara Central School to promote the importance of ‘healthy, living soils’ to grow healthy products.

The activities for the morning of the June 21 will include presentations from Landcare, BRGCMA and Garry McDouall.

Bingara Central School will be the venue for the presentations starting at 9am. At the conclusion of the presentations staff, students and presenters will be walking to the Living Classroom site to participate in the scheduled workshops.

As part of the activities for the day, students will be able to get down and get dirty, collecting soil samples and making compost. The soil samples will be sent to the laboratory in Scone and results will be made available to the students.

Mark Blair will lead the soils workshop and Paul Moulton will be assisting with the composting workshop.

Follow the link to read details of the Soils- it’s a living thing flyer. (PDF file Size: 334KB).

Upper Gwydir Landcare can be contacted on:

Tel: (02) 6724 2052,
Mobile 0427291073