Some exciting CEDP ideas to consider.

August 30, 2010

“The Bingara Community Economic Development Plan blue print is progressing well.” said the co-ordinator Rick Hutton.

As well as the initial Our Place Forum, there has been the Food for Thought shop front and  a Community Workshop.

"I have also been conducting a series of interviews with groups and individuals who have expressed a keen interest in the project.”

Some of the concepts raised thus far are set out below. “I invite further comment and suggestions regarding these.” Rick said.

1.  Gwydir Shire Council as a guarantor for investment projects.
This idea involves the GSC offering to underwrite the borrowings of key approved investments of an industrial or business type through a financial institution partner. Conditions would be set to minimize risk, but such a guarantee may be just the catalyst required for a project to proceed.

2.  Bingara as a Model Town for educational study.
Bingara represents a small rural town in Australia that makes for an excellent study site. Its compactness, broad range of basic services, domination by owner/operators and the additional attractions of conferencing, accommodation and recreational facilities makes it well suited to such a development. As an example, The Armidale School had 65 Year 9 students spend two days in Bingara last week for the second successive year because of Bingara’s study potential.

3.  Bingara to increase and expand its options for retirees and aged care. The size, facilities, safety and friendliness of Bingara makes it well suited to the expansion of this industry. The opportunity lies in the investment in a broader range of options for this group of citizens.

4.  Facilitating the Bingara District to be a showcase for rural living and regenerative agriculture.
Build upon the diversity and stability of our rural base to make it a showcase for visitors to examine the production of food and fibre, and expand the opportunities for alternative agricultural methods to be trialed here.

5.  Weekly “gardener’s market”. Make Sunday morning a full on opportunity for members of the community to gather and converse.
Be it for church, for shopping, for entertainment or whatever, the town could be truly “alive” on a Sunday. The base for this is to encourage home gardeners to bring their surpluses to the town centre each Sunday.

The concept encourages fresh foods and good eating, local produce with lower “food miles”, preserving and value adding of produce and the simple pleasures of a town square with community sharing.

If you have any comments on these, or any other community development ideas, please write to The Bingara Advocate or contact the project co-ordinator.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Bingara CEDP Co-ordinator
Ph: 0428 255380