Some more CEDP ideas for community consideration

September 12, 2010

Following on from the first FIVE ideas to consider for the Bingara Community Economic Development Plan, here are five more.

These ideas have all come from community members seeking to have opportunities considered. Some ideas are in their early stages of development. Others are well thought out and thoroughly researched.

By providing the basic concepts here, community members are encouraged to discuss them and to add their thoughts and opinions. All ideas are welcomed, even negative ones.

Within the next two months, a final report, summarizing the wide range of ideas and providing supporting data, statistics, related documents and plans will be completed and made available for public consideration.

6. The development of the “Bingalow” a Bingara Friendly house design.
This would consider the climate and weather conditions of the town, the availability of suitable building materials, and a range of options for various customer needs.

By having a basic plan the costs of building, ease of construction and speed of approval as well as energy efficiency can be optimized. Local tradesmen would be invited to submit their costings so that from plan to completion the project would be in local hands and at known costs.

7. A “welcome pack” for new settlers in the town and district.
The pack would include information about services, clubs and amenities, as well as a “Bingara Businesses Booklet”.

The BBB could offer a discount at participating business within the first month of the new settler’s arrival.  As a trade off, the newcomers would be asked to briefly write what goods and services they most appreciated at their former place of residence.

At the end of the first month, a second BBB would be available. The trade off now would be a request for the settler’s initial thoughts about Bingara and suggestions as to what could be added.

8. A “community singing club”.
Along the lines of “Sing Australia” this is a group offering community members the chance to gather and sing. It can be as simple or as complex as the members wish.

9. A “local family tree web site”.
Computer software exists to record and trace family trees. With many extended families a feature of country towns this could be a wonderful record of links and ties as well as a fascinating community record.

The Bingara Historical Society would love to hear from anyone interested in applying their computing skills to such a project, or just interested in knowing more about it.

10. Edu-tourism and Eco-tourism are two new concepts to add value to the stay on a town and district.
Edu-tourism implies that the community provides formal opportunities for visitors to learn and develop new skills.  Bingara provides a wide range of opportunities for this.

Eco-tourism implies value adding with an understanding of the intricacies of ecology and environmental determinants.  The Bingara District is rich in these from the river, bush and farms, to the fascinating geology, bird life, flora and the bountiful starry skies.

The challenge is to “package” these experiences to make it simple and enjoyable for the tourist and visitor.

If you have any comments on these, or any other community development ideas, please write to The Bingara Advocate or contact the project co-ordinator Rick Hutton.

by Rick Hutton – Bingara CEDP Co-ordinator