Song of the Soul Writing Workshop – a writing motivation workshop by award-winning journalist and author, Stephanie Dale

June 24, 2014

Song of the Soul is a writing motivation workshop for people who long to cross the bridge between thinking about writing – and doing it! Song of the Soul is for all of us who would ‘love to write a book but …’

The Write RoadThis beautiful workshop will ferry you gently into the realm of the soul, where you will become familiar with the distant call that keeps nagging you to write.

Participants will not only begin to write during the workshop, they will be stunned by the quality of the work they produce. And they will be inspired to do the one thing they have previously believed impossible . . .  

This is an extraordinary moment, one that has a long-term impact on participants’ inspiration, ability and willingness to put pen to paper. It also impacts on families and communities, in that having tapped and expressed their creative spirit these new writers are much, much happier in their daily lives.

It is not uncommon for Song of the Soul participants to spontaneously form ongoing writing support groups as a result of this workshop.

Song of the Soul is an invitation. You will be so very pleased you found the courage to RSVP. Join us for a gathering of conversation, inspiration and motivation as we explore the Song of the Soul.

The workshop enables would-be writers to find the courage and the confidence to start!

  • VENUE: Roxy Theatre
  • Min 6/Max 8 people per workshop  
  • DURATION: 1 ½-2 hours
  • DATE:  10am to 12pm Sunday 3rd August, 2014  
  • PRICE: $25

CONTACT: Nicci Parry-Jones Arts Project Officer, Arts North West  
Phone: 02 6732 4988

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