Spectacular display of art at Gwydir Art Show

November 4, 2009

Attracting much attention at the recent Gwydir Art Show was the Gwydir Art Prize winning painting “Blue Hills of Bingara”.  The very popular choice was executed by well known artist from the New England area, Melvin Duffy.  This painting was also the winner of the people’s choice award.

Senator John Williams, Robin Hansen and Mayor, John Coulton in front of Council’s newest acquisition, “Blue Hills of Bingara”, painted by Melvin Duffy.

Gwydir Art Show organisers are delighted with the great success of this exhibition with a large number of entries from artists from a wide area.

The 12th Annual Exhibition was opened by Senator John Williams who congratulated the organisers of the event and the many artists who had entered their various forms of art.

New Mayor of the Gwydir Shire, Cr. John Coulton and his wife, Kerry, were welcomed by compere Mr. Rick Hutton.

Cr. Coulton spoke on behalf of the Gwydir Shire and announced the winner of the Gwydir Art Prize, Melvin Duffy.  This acquisitive painting will be the 12th addition to the collection of paintings by previous Gwydir Art Prize winners, now owned by the Gwydir Shire, and on display in the Gwydir Shire Council Chambers.

This is the second time Melvin Duffy has won the Gwydir Art Prize.

Mrs. Chris Kneller and staff members from the New England Credit Union were present when the winner of the New England Credit Union prize was announced.

Julie Goldspink from Port Mac-quarie was the recipient of this award with her vibrant painting entitled “The Love of Lilies”.

David Macnaughton’s “Fields of Gold” was the winning entry in the Oil or Acrylic section. David entered the Gwydir Art show for the first time this year. His wife, well known Jenny Macnaughton, from Dorrigo was the winner of the Pastel section with her work entitled “Lazily Lapping”.

Nancy Hunt from Narrabri was the successful entrant in the Any subject/any medium section with a painting entitled “Gums”. Nancy also won the prize in the Open Drawing section with her work entitled “Bessy”.

The award for Best Painting by a local artist was achieved by Gwladys Cleal’s “Waterfall”, while the Ida Wearne Memorial Trophy for a local scene was won by Frank Dudman’s “Low Tide at Copeton”. “Best Drawing by a Local Artist” prize was won by Russell Reading with his sketch entitled “Kim”. Russell’s hidden talent exhibited in the display of sketches and cartoons which he had done free hand, surprised and delighted art show patrons.

The miniature painting section was won by David Lake from Newbridge. David has been a highly successful prize winner in Sydney and Newcastle.

First prize winners in the children’s art were Tomas O’Rourke (secondary), Amanda-Jane Page (Year 3 to 6), and Jack Todd (K to Year 2).

Organisers of the Art Show appreciated the help given by Bingara Central School staff who encouraged and organised the children to enter the exhibition.

For the first time a Leadlight and Mosaic section was added to the exhibition. It is hoped that even more entrants will be encouraged to enter future exhibitions.

A Retrospective of Pat Chaffey’s art journey was an interesting segment in the Show. Forty paintings represented the different milestones in Pat’s life.

From the very first “Bambi” painted using white shoe cleaner and food colouring among other things at the age of twelve years to the very latest painting created since Pat’s serious car accident nearly two years ago, it was obvious she has special talent.

A lovely display of ceramics including an elaborate bird bath with pet plants and mia-cats by Lucy Bilsborough greeted patrons as they entered the hall.

People are still seeking more of Lucy’s mia-cats.

Beautiful artistic creations of fresh flowers by Frances Bilsborough were placed in the foyer and hall.

Displays including Gwydir Olives, a collection of Fred Hillier Pottery from Tamworth, antiques and jewellery by Shirley Cantrell, and needle work and rugs by Fay Grieve were positioned around the hall.

Lisa Crispin’s eye catching and inspired jewellery was much admired by patrons. Lisa’s “Flame of Passion” creations are unique and she was more than willing to share details about the creation of each item.

Robyn Jones had one of her special quilts on show as well as lots of attractive novelties both appealing and practical. Robyn’s artistic trait is certainly expressed through her needle and thread.

The Photographic section was boosted this year by a very energetic steward as well as the compliant photographers.

The standard was higher and the entries increased. The people’s choice award was won by Tony Gomez.

Dinner was prepared by members of the Gwydir Art Show committee as well as other helpers in the community.

Results Painting
Section 1 
Acquisitive Painting, The Gwydir Art Prize: Winner: Melvin Duddy’s Painting, “The Blue Hills of Bingara”  Highly Commended:  David Lake, Jenny Macnaughton, Julie Goldspink, Owen Bilsborough an d Jeanette Fraser Mc Gowan
Section 2 
Watercolour Painting,The New England Credit Union Prize: Winner:  Julie Goldspink “The Love of Lillies”.
Highly Commended: Jenny Macaughton, Erik Dekkers and Robyne Berling.
Section 3
Oil or Acrylic, sponsored by the Imperial Hotel/Motel: Winner: David Macaughton’s “ Fields of Gold” Highly Commended:  Melvin Duffy, Jocelyn Girle, David Lake, Marnie Gippel and Rhonda March
Section 4
Pastel Painting, sponsored by Alister and Barbara Lemin: Winner: Jenny Macaughton’s “Lazily Lapping”.
Highly Commended: Peter Pollock, Marnie Gippel and Owen Bilsborough.
Section 5
Any subject, any medium: sponsored by Wades Butchery: Winner: Nancy Hunt’s “Gums” Highly Commended: Marnie Gippel, David Lake, Jocelyn Girle, Sue Stevenson and Sue Capel
Section 6 
Best Painting by a Local Artist, sponsored by Janelle Thompson: Winner: Gwladys Cleal’s “Waterfall” Highly Commended: Lynn Durkin, Rose Dupont Hardy and Jeanette Fraser Mc Gowan.
Section 7
Local Scene, The Ida Wearne Memorial Trophy:  Winner: Frank Dudman’s “Low Tide at Copeton” Highly Commended: Shirley Schafer and Lynn Durkin
Section 8
Drawing Open, sponsored by Hayes Electrical: Winner: Nancy Hunt’s “Bessy”   Highly Commended: Brett Jones and Owen Bilsborough
Section 9 
Best drawing by a local artist: Winner: Russell Reading’s “Kim Novak”  
Section 10

Miniature Painting
,sponsored by H (Roy) Miller: Winner: David Lake’s  “West from Inverell” Highly Commended: Joy Cooksey and Madeline Szymanski The People’s Choice Aware, sponsored by The Bingara Advocate: Winner: Melvin Duffey: “Blue Hills of Bingara”
Section 11
Children’s Art, Secondary, sponsored by Daphne King Winner: Tomas O’Rourke’s Charcoal Sketch Highly Commended: Emily Price, Matilda McKay and Caine Millard
Section 12
Children’s Art, Years 3 to 6 sponsored by Daphne King: Winner: Amanda-Jane Page’s “Amanda’s Choice” Highly Commended: Rachael Price, James Skinner
Section 13
Children’s Art, K to Year 2 sponsored by Daphne King: Winner: Jack Todd Highly Commended: Eliza Szecsodi and Darcy Shipway

Section 14
Porcelain Painting, Building and Landscape sponsored by the Fossickers Way Motel, Bingara: Winner: Joan Bull
Section 15 
Porcelain Painting, Fruit and Flowers sponsored by the Fossickers   Way Motel, Bingara: Winner: Milder Disher Highly Commended: Milder Disher 
Section 16
Porcelain Painting, Animals, Birds and Portraits sponsored by the Fossickers Way Motel, Bingara: Winner: Milder Disher Highly Commended: Joan Bull

Section 17
Hand built, The Pam Hall Memorial Trophy: Winner: Beryl Caldwell
Section 18
Thrown Pottery sponsored by Bingara  Post: Winner: Colleen Capel Highly Commended: Ann Smith
Section 19
Any other Pottery work of Art, sponsored by Horizon Craft Cottage: Winner: Beryl Caldwell

Sponsored by Eastmon Digital Photo Store
Section 20 
Open: Winner:Tony Gomez Highly Commended: John Courtney
Section 21
Portrait: Winner: Clarissa Barwick
Section 22
Landscape or waterscape: Winner: Clarissa Barwick Highly Commmended: Anna Capel The People’s Choice Award, sponsored by John and Anna Capel:      Winner: Tony Gomez“Windmill”

Leadlight and Mosaic
Section 26 Best piece of Leadlight, Work, sponsored bt Tam-worth Leadlight: Winner: Lynn Simpson Highly Commended: Sandra Hayes Section 27: Best Piece of Mosaic work,sponsored by Inverell Ceramics and Bathroom Supplies: Winner: Bill Goldthorpe  Highly Commended: Peter Pollock